COVID-19 Update: May 11

May 11, 2020

Dear Westminster Village Staff,

Now, as we look at long-term care communities across the country we are thinking not only of the Residents, but also of our Staff. These are very challenging, stressful and unprecedented times for you as well.

We know our Staff isn’t struggling with the same battles that other nurses and doctors are fighting against in the hospitals with COVID-19. Our challenge looks a lot different. We are protecting our Residents from the outside world. We are assisting against loneliness, depression, boredom and confusion. We are dealing with frustrations of family members not being able to visit and families who feel disconnected and simply miss their loved ones.

So, until this crisis is over, we will give our Residents comforting words and do our best to create meaningful activities that can be done safely. We will hold the I-pads and phones so families can see their loved ones and reassure them everything is ok. We visit residents daily to provide reassurance, pray, sing, or just be there to comfort them and lift their spirits. Under our masks, we put on smiles even when we are consumed by all the new regulations and added documentation, all the while facing challenges in our own families and personal lives. We will do all that we can to make sure the outside world stays “outside” and our Residents stay safe inside.

So we simply say, We are grateful for YOU. We applaud YOU. We thank YOU and look upon YOU with our respect. We say our prayers for YOU that God will strengthen you, protect you and your families, and keep you well physically and mentally. May He encourage you as you encourage residents and family members while serving a higher calling of taking care of our Residents.

With Appreciation,

Dale E. Lindley, HFA

Mary Jo Crutcher, HFA
Vice President