COVID-19 Update: May 4th

Dear Residents, Families and Staff:

On Friday, May 1st, 2020 Governor Holcomb issued Executive Order 20-26 as a roadmap to reopen Indiana for Hoosiers, businesses and state government.  This roadmap is a five stage approach that may allow for the opening of additional businesses and entities and, at each stage, provide further lifting of restrictions and limitations on certain businesses currently open and operating.

  • Stage 1: 5-1-2020 to 5-4-2020 11:59 pm
  • Stage 2: 5-4-2020 11:59 pm to 5-23-2020 11:59 pm

This Executive Order provides the following guidance for staying at home during Stage 2:

People at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19, including those 65 and above and those who are sick or have underlying medical issues, are urged to stay in their residence to the extent possible, except as necessary to seek medical care.

Additional Guidance for Healthcare, Assisted Living & Nursing Homes for Stage 2:

  • Assisted Living & Nursing Homes remain closed to visitors;
  • Congregate settings remained closed through at least May 31st;
  • Wear face coverings in public settings;
  • Continue to practice social distancing;
  • Continue to practice good hand hygiene

The following questions have been asked that we need to address:

  • Can I go for a drive with my family in their car?
  • Can my family take me to my doctor appointments and hair appointments soon?
  • Can my family visit with me outside if we stay 6 feet apart?
  • Can my family pick me up and take me to their house?
  • Can my family come and take walks with me outside or push me in a wheelchair outside?
  • Can I sit in the car or outside with my family and visit or eat food they brought me?
  • Can I sit on the bench outside and visit with my family?
  • My family will be here to pick up or drop off some items at the front entrance—can I go give them a kiss or a hug while they are here?
  • Can I have a visit with my family at the front entrance when they deliver something for me at the front desk?
  • Can I take my screen out of my window during a window visit to have closer family contact?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow these actions at this time.  In order to keep yourself safe, as well as other residents of Westminster Village, we must require that you continue to follow our No Visitation Policy.  According to Back on Track Indiana, “Data has shown COVID-19 disproportionally impacts individuals over 65 years old worldwide, and sadly, Indiana is no different.  Over 80% of Hoosiers who have died from the virus are over 65.  As we begin to get back on track, we must do so in a way that protect the most vulnerable citizens.”

Again, please know that our NO VISITATION POLICY has been in effect since March 13th and will continue to be effective until we receive guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) that allows us to change this policy.  We understand that this is an unusual and stressful time, but we are all in this together and must do what we can to protect everyone around us.

We strongly encourage you to utilize other forms of communication including phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and other forms of social media to stay connected with family and friends.  If you need assistance with these various forms of social media, please contact a member of our Activity Department – Lauren, Abby or Abrianna.  They can assist you with these new forms of communication.

We also need to remind you that, as was stated in our letter dated 3-23-2020, we must strongly discourage all Residents from leaving the building for any reason other than absolutely necessary medical appointments.

Even though outside Beauty and Barber Shops may reopen next week, according to the ISDH guidance, the restrictions for Long-Term Care has not loosened up yet and we should limit resident/patient contact to only essential direct care providers.  Therefore, we are not yet permitted to reopen the Westminster Village Beauty Shops.  ISDH has also indicated to us that residents should not be leaving the building for outside hair or nail appointments.

At any time you may speak with a Nurse in the Health Center and Assisted Living or in the Supportive Care office for a complementary wellness check.

Remember that each day we are updating our COVID-19 status on our website at and on our in house digital signs.  Our website also contains various communications shared during this crisis.

Please continue to do everything you can to stay safe and healthy by following the policies as stated above.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 765-288-2155 and ask for an Administrator or the Director of Nursing.

Thank you.

The Administration, Supervisors and Management Staff