COVID-19 Update: July 2, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Staff:

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) has released new guidance regarding Beauty Salons, Outdoor Family Visitations and Essential Family Caregivers.    

  1. Beauty Salons – the Westminster Village Beauty Salons will be opening the

     week of July 6th.  This will be a gradual re-opening so safety precautions can be observed.

  1. Outdoor Visitations – ISDH is now permitting scheduled visitation under the following conditions:
    • Visitors outdoors must bring their own mask and wear properly at all times during the visit.
    • Resident and Visitors MUST maintain appropriate social distance of at least 6 feet apart at all times during the visit.
    • Visitors must not have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
    • Visitors may provide food and beverages to the resident consistent with dietary considerations, but food should not be shared between residents and visitors. Individual meals are permitted, but sharing a pizza would not be permitted.
    • All visits are subject to weather conditions. If a weather warning should occur that would put either visitors or residents at risk, the visit would be immediately canceled.
    • No admittance into the building will be permitted, therefore, no restroom facilities will be available during your visit.
    • Smoking is not permitted during outdoor visitations.
    • Window visits with at least six feet of social distancing are still permitted and may be a better choice for some residents.
  1. Essential Family Caregivers- each facility approved caregiver has been contacted this week and may begin the week of July 6th with evidence of a COVID-19 negative result test. There will be more guidance to follow next week.
  2. Outdoor Excursions – will be permitted, however limited based upon individual circumstances.

As always, our goal is to protect the residents and staff from this virus.  These guidelines are in place to protect each resident entrusted to our care.  We anticipate everyone’s patience, cooperation and respect as we begin our Back on Track Indiana guidance.  Additional information and guidance will be presented in our Groupcast and on our Website on Monday, July 6, 2020.

We wish you a sparkling 4th of July filled with pride and honor.  Please stay safe and “Mask Up Hoosiers”.

Dale E. Lindley, HFA
Mary Jo Crutcher, HFA
Jennifer Peterson, RN, DON