COVID-19 Update: July 6th, 2020

Dear Residents, Families and Staff:

We want to provide you with an update regarding the guidance that was released last week related to:  Beauty Salons; Outdoor Visitation; and Essential Family Caregivers.

  1. Beauty Salons – the Skilled Health Center Beauty Shop will begin seeing residents tomorrow, Tuesday July 7th, 2020. The Residential Beauty Shop will begin seeing residents on Friday July 10th, 2020.  We will abide by previous schedules, with accommodations made as time and space allows.  Again, we must adhere to strict regulations set forth by the state, and we ask for your patience’s as we venture into these adaptations.
  2. Outdoor Visitations – Outdoor visitation is currently allowed at Westminster Village.  We do ask that all abide by the visitation guidelines….Please check the Westminster Village website; Facebook or refer to the July 3rd guidelines for visitation procedures.
  3. Essential Family Caregivers – If you have been contacted by a facility representative, and have completed the requirements set forth by the state and the facility, then you may begin your caregiver functions on Wednesday July 8th, 2020.  Again, we ask that you abide by the guidelines.
  4.  Outdoor Excursions – will be permitted, however limited based upon individual circumstances.

As always, our goal is to protect the residents and staff from this virus.  These guidelines are in place to protect each resident entrusted to our care.  We anticipate and appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation.

Additional information and guidance will be presented in our Groupcast and on our Website on Friday July 10th, 2020.

We wish you blessings beyond measure.  Be safe, be kind and be informed….

Dale E. Lindley, HFA
Mary Jo Crutcher, HFA
Jennifer Peterson, RN, DON