COVID-19 Update: August 4th

Dear Westminster Residents, Families and Staff:

We continue to appreciate your cooperation through our unchartered territory of COVID-19.

As we enter into a new month, we have been keeping up with the ever-changing guidelines of the Indiana State Department of Health, CDC, CMS and our local health department, which can change on a daily basis.

This month is a state mandate for all long term care healthcare workers to once again be re-tested as a precautionary measure. The number involves approximately 37,000 healthcare workers statewide. We will be keeping the staff informed of specific dates and times upcoming.

At the present time, we have had one (1) employee case that has tested positive. We have reported it to the Indiana State Department of Health. The employee was not exposed to COVID in our Westminster Village community.

We are taking all necessary precautions to minimize any exposure. We remain currently open to indoor visitation as per set hours, outdoor visitations, admissions, etc. We continue to encourage washing your hands, masking up and safe social distancing.

We continue to post any changes Monday through Friday on our website and encourage you to view all information.

Once again, we maintain as safe and secure environment as humanly possible. We continue to request your thoughts, positive support, encouragement and prayers in whatever way you express your care for our mission.

Be Safe, Be Informed, Be Well and always, always show Kindness to others!

Administration, Supervisors and the Management Team