COVID-19 Update: August 5th

Dear Westminster Residents, Families and Staff:

As a clarification of information we are issuing an update regarding our employees.

Previously we have had one (1) employee case that had tested positive which is now resolved and negative and had not worked prior to being exposed. We now also have one (1) current additional positive employee. The employee was not exposed to COVID in our Westminster Village community. Due to HIPAA Guidelines we have contacted all employees who potentially may have worked in the same area. We have reported it to the Indiana State Department of Health and all other required agencies.

Per conversations with the Indiana State Department of Health, Westminster Village is following proper procedures and have no known Residents with signs and symptoms on the healthcare unit where the employee had worked.

We are taking all necessary precautions to minimize any exposure. We currently remain open to indoor visitation as per set hours and set number of visitors, outdoor visitations and admissions. We continue to encourage washing your hands, masking up and safe social distancing.

This month is a state mandate for all Indiana long term care healthcare workers to once again be re-tested as a precautionary measure. We will be keeping the staff informed of specific upcoming dates and times. However, at any time employees may go to the Optum testing site (National Guard Armory) or their own physician before August 21, 2020.

We continue to post any changes Monday through Friday on our website and encourage you to view all information at

Once again, we maintain a safe and secure environment as is humanly possible. We continue to request your thoughts, positive support, encouragement and prayers in whatever way you express your care for our mission.

Be Safe, Be Informed, Be Well and always, always show Kindness to others!

Administration, Supervisors and the Management Team