Chaplain’s Corner: LI

“The Intersection Between Trust and Fear”

In the Book of Numbers, Chapter 13, Moses and the people of Israel are poised on the threshold of The Promised Land. Behind them lies slavery in Egypt. And ahead of them lies the Land of Milk and Honey, the place God had promised them.

The Lord said to Moses: “Send spies into the land which I am giving over to the Israelites.” Twelve spies secretly step into the territory now known as Palestine. Over a period of 40 days they conduct a thorough investigation.

What did they find? They come back with two reports. Ten of the twelve said the cities are fortified and very large and the people are giants. They said, “We ourselves seemed like grasshoppers in comparison.”
Public morale promptly implodes.

One of the spies, a man named Caleb gives a different perspective. In one of the great confidence builders he shouts, “We should go up at once and occupy it! We can certainly do it!”

Joshua enthusiastically sides with Caleb. And they were successful.
Day by day we face a future that is challenging. What we choose to do with the data that we choose to follow–Trust or Fear. At one time or another we all look out on our Promised Land.

So where do we go next?

Choose to be Caleb or give in to the fear of the crowd?

In my life I have found it is better to face the giants while trusting God in the face of an uncertain future. Whether it be COVID-19, a relationship problem, illness, the death of a loved one or a problem at work, trusting God can make all the difference.

At the intersection of Trust and Fear we can say, “With God’s help we can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Ron Naylor, Chaplain