Groundbreaking Renovation/Expansion Project

“Continuing the Vision – 40 Years and Still Growing”
Addressing six major areas as detailed in the Campus Master Plan prepared by one of the nation’s top healthcare architects, MKM architecture + design. All of this is made possible through our partnerships with First Merchants Bank and Michael Kinder & Sons.

These areas include:

1. A Medicare Certified Rehab-To-Home neighborhood in the Skilled Nursing Health Center is
adding over 22,000 sq. ft. of new construction including 20 private suites with a 2,870 sq. ft. therapy gym, common areas, dining and outside therapy garden.

2. An Assisted Living neighborhood, with the addition of more than 5,000 sq. ft. will include dining and activity areas overlooking Westminster Pond and newly landscaped grounds.

3. Over 6,550 sq. ft. of new construction and the renovation of 12,500 sq. ft. will include an Auditorium/Event Hall to accommodate over 300 guests theatre style seating. This addition will also feature a new wellness area including a fitness gym, exercise room and massage spa.

4. Residential dining is being redesigned to provide additional choices. The main dining room will be transformed into two venues, with one featuring a traditional atmosphere while the other has a more contemporary appeal. A grab-and-go café will be added to the library featuring soups, sandwiches, salads and more, for a quick meal or relaxing with a good book.

5. The modernization of all residential common areas will include the update of 14 lounges and 18 corridors with new flooring, ceilings, lighting, furniture, wall coverings and artwork.

6. The grounds are also being restructured. 5,700 feet of 6’ wide sidewalks will be installed around the building; drives and parking are being redesigned. Landscaping and winding paths with destination areas will be located throughout 30 scenic acres.

Another beautiful day at Westminster Village!

I was walking through the building today when I had to stop for a moment and just look out the window. The sun was shining on the pond and the swans were busy swimming around. What a beautiful day and such a mild winter so far. I had to pull out my camera and snap a photo of the sight and remind myself how truly blessed I am to be here each day. Life is good!

Swan Update

Our pair of swans now have 5 eggs in their nest. Last week something got into their nest and got one of their eggs, so they moved the nest. Our residents are keeping an eye on the nest for signs of the new little cygnets. They should have a few more weeks to go.

Get Your Independence Back in Assisted Living

As the Marketing Director for a Continuing Care Retirement Community, one of the comments I hear frequently is, “My mother wants to stay in her home because she doesn’t want to lose her independence.” As we continue to talk I find out that the daughter is doing all of her mother’s shopping and errands, and takes her to all of her medical appointments. Her son comes by every week to check on things around the house and do simple maintenance. Another daughter who lives in a nearby community comes a couple times a month to do laundry and heavy cleaning. The two kids who live out of state take vacation time whenever possible to come and help out. Friends from church pick her up for special events. The boy down the street does the mowing and the yard work, and the neighbor next door takes the garbage can in and out on trash day. Meals-on-Wheels delivers, the phone numbers of a plumber and several people who might be available to shovel snow are next to the phone. But “Mom is still living independently in her own home.”

Does this sound familiar? If it does, then you need to start investigating retirement communities. Assisted Living doesn’t have to mean an end to independence. Instead, it often means a return of independence and continuation of the full life led before.

If you think the time is right for you or a loved one to consider Assisted Living, start looking right now. When you add up the cost of everything involved in Staying Independent, you may find that a retirement community is an economical way to Get Your Independence Back!

By Judi Harris

The Final Performance of the Muncie Symphony Concert Series at Westminster

In April, we will have the final performance of the Muncie Symphony Concert Series. On Monday, April 23rd, Westminster will feature concert pianist Mrs. Gloria Griner. Mrs. Griner plans to perform works by Debussy, as well as a host of classical pieces from the romantic era. The concert will begin at 2:00 pm in the beautiful main lounge of Westminster Village. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Assisted Living: Finding The Right Fit

By Judi Harris

Assisted Living is a broad term that applies to many levels of care. In today’s world of active senior lifestyles, options are almost unlimited. Whether you are in need of temporary assistance while recuperating from an illness or injury, or if you are looking for the freedom to live the lifestyle you choose for this stage of your life, it is important to investigate all of the possibilities and make sure that you are getting the “Right Fit.”

For some, downsizing from their home to a smaller apartment is very difficult. Having enough room to take furniture and household items of sentimental value may be of great importance. For others, the prospect of buying new things and decorating a smaller area can be exciting. Make a list of your must-have items. As you explore all the options keep an eye on size and space.

Almost all assisted living facilities offer meals. If you are going to eat at the same restaurant every day, you want to make sure you like the food. Request sample menus. How are special dietary needs addressed? Ask if you can join them for a meal. Remember, good nutrition is very important to good health, and no one wants to eat food they don’t like.

Staying active and participating in recreational, spiritual and social programs is vital for both physical and mental health. Make sure that a good variety of activities is offered. How you spend your day should be your choice. Assisted Living does not mean an end to an active lifestyle. You can continue to enjoy the full and productive life you led before.

Shopping, banking and attending community functions and entertainment events add pleasure and variety to the regular routine. Are these opportunities offered? If you want to continue to drive it’s important to ask about parking and protection for your car. Flexible transportation for medical appointments and personal trips is an important consideration if you will not be driving.

Assisted Living is often based on levels of care required. An initial evaluation will establish your needs upon admission but be sure you know what the procedure will be if you have additional needs in the future. Have a plan in place for a health care emergency that can not be accommodated in assisted living.

A monthly or daily rate that is all-inclusive may seem high. Take some time to list your current cost of living. Don’t forget property tax, homeowner’s insurance, lawn care, maintenance and repairs. Now add up groceries, cleaning supplies and detergent. Make sure you know what is included in your assisted living rate when you make your comparisons and how that may change if your needs increase in the future.

Assisted Living Needs Check List

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Cues & Reminders
  • Memory Care
  • Therapy
  • Special Procedures
  • Medications Despensed
  • Monitoring Vitals
  • Transportation
  • Social Programs
  • Spiritual Programs
  • Exercise Programs
  • Meal Services
  • Special Diet
  • Laundry Service
  • Shopping
  • Hair Care
  • Housekeeping
  • 24Hr. Emergency Care
  • Professional Staff
  • Security

All of these issues should be addressed before choosing your new home in Assisted Living. With the right information, you can be assured that your selection will be the “Right Fit.”

– Judi Harris is the Marketing Director for Westminster Village

Take Charge of Your Health!

Westminster Village will host on June 10th at 2:00 p.m., Elizabeth Koselke, Pharm D., Oncology Pharmacist Specialist of IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Cancer Center. She will be discussing “Cancer Screenings – What Everyone Needs to Know”.

Please join us for this very informative session!!

Westminster Village is the Choice for Muncie’s Area’s Finest!

3rd Year in A Row for Muncie’s Area’s Finest for Nursing Home, Rehab Center & Alzheimer’s Care!!!

Westminster Village New Arrivals!!

Westminster Village welcomes 5 new Residents–on the pond.

babies - five in a row

They were born on May 28th!!