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Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 situation, we have gathered all the important information you need to know (including Residents, Families, and Staff) in one place. Please click the button below to access this important information.

Tours available anytime, please contact our marketing team at 765-288-2155 and ask for Tyler or Melody.

Studio Kitchenette Apartment
Model designed & furnished
by Art Van Furniture

1 Bedroom Full Kitchen Apartment
Model designed & furnished
by Gill Brothers Furniture

2 Bedroom Combo  Kitchenette Apartment
Model designed & furnished
by Interstate 69 Furniture

There are many options for Senior Living in Muncie, IN and surrounding communities, so before you make a choice please consider Westminster Village as you may be able to live for less in safe & secure surroundings.

More than you ever expected…
     For less than you ever imagined!

  • No move-in fee, no entry fee, no deposit or community fee for any apartment!
  • Imagine the comforts of a maintenance-free, stress-free home in a residential or assisted living apartment!
  • Enjoy three meals a day in one of our dining rooms.
  • Amenities including activities, body fitness classes, educational & social programs, quality entertainment, on-site bank, library, door-to-door local transportation, assorted games, holiday parties, bible study & more.
  • Offering a variety of floor plans including full kitchens.
  • Try a Studio Kitchenette, 3 meals a day ($2,374 a month)
  • Select a One-Bedroom Full Kitchen ($2,224 a month)

Before you make a decision on a Senior Living Community make sure to take our virtual tour – it’s more affordable than you think!

Contact us at (765) 288-2155 or schedule a virtual tour by clicking the button below.

Residential Retirement Apartments

Where You Can Discover, Experience, Grow, Enjoy and Live Life in Balance!

Assisted Living Neighborhood

The Independence You Want With The Services You Need.

Health Center for Long Term Care

Care, Compassion and Peace of Mind For Quality of Life.

CooperVista Rehabilitation

Medicare Certified Private Rooms with State-of-the-Art Therapy Gym for an Earlier Return Home.

Learn more about our Health Center & CooperVista Rehab

We are always looking for great employees to be part our Westminster Village Team.  If you or someone you know is looking for a position please complete an online application, print and mail or stop by in person to apply.

Learn more about everything at Westminster Village

See For Yourself

Schedule a Virtual Tour of Westminster Village with Tyler or Melody and find out what we have to offer you or your loved one!

A Tradition of Excellence
Since 1974

Established in 1974, Westminster Village Muncie is a licensed, not-for-profit Life Plan Community (formerly known as a continuing care retirement community) serving East Central Indiana with six levels of living including retirement apartments, assisted living, long term care and rehab-to-home. The 300,000 square foot community is located on 65 beautifully landscaped acres northwest of Muncie.

Our Mission
Westminster Village provides fulfilling life services and excellent continuing care empowering residents to experience an exceptional quality of life.

Our Core Values

  • Compassionate Care & Security
    Respond to residents’ needs promptly and courteously. Adapt services to meet residents’ choices and changing needs. Provide a safe environment for everyone’s peace of mind.
  • Integrity & Transparency
    Treat every resident with utmost respect while upholding their dignity. Be considerate to all residents and visitors.
  • Accountability & Stewardship
    Maintain a stable, financially sound, independent organization.

Our Vision
Westminster Village will be a premier continuing care retirement community where a professional staff exceeds residents’ expectations by providing quality services and care within a distinctive environment.


I am privileged and blessed to be a resident at Westminster, especially during this very difficult and critical time in my life. Westminster is not just a place to exist; it was, and is, a concept of a wonderful, ever-developing place to consider for comfort, continued education, and programs for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. At the top of the list for me is to be aware that it is perfectly alright to be spiritually grounded at Westminster. My family and I are most appreciative!

We moved to Westminster Village on June 6th, 2018 and it has been a very positive experience. Free movies and popcorn on Friday – what more could you ask for?! We have made many new friends and renewed old friendships. You can choose to keep to yourself, or participate in many activities. Transportation is available for Ball State activities, community events, and shopping. Our daughter and son both live in California and are greatly relieved to know we are “Safe and Warm.” We feel like this is the place for us to be at this time.

We wanted to move to where it would be safe for both of us, all maintenance and care would be provided, and a place where progressive medical care was available, within minutes. We also wanted a place where we could continue to enjoy independent living, more freedom, and access to all the locations and events we had been attending for decades. Every night, when we go to dinner, we can sit with both old and new friends, where we exchange stories from our past lives.

So many conveniences are offered. A house is a house when you’re alone in it – Westminster becomes your home. A+ for the personnel. My family doesn’t need to worry about me now that I am living at Westminster Village.

We love living here with so many friends and colleagues we’ve known through our church and Ball State and we’ve met so many new friends.  After taken care of our parents’ homes in other cities and states, we didn’t want to put that burden on our girls since they all live away from Muncie. Westminster Village was the perfect solution for us.

I truly love living here. I feel safe & comfortable and I enjoy meeting many friends, both new and old. I also feel independent, as much as if I were in my own home. The staff is remarkable, full of love and concern for me.  I am glad that I made the decision to move to Westminster Village.

The physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the residents is of paramount concern to Westminster. There is never a dull moment at Westminster. Everyone is nice and friendly and makes you feel at home.

I enjoy working out in the Wellness Center on a daily basis and I attend as many of the activities as I can. The food is delicious, the best I’ve had in 15 years since my wife passed. I enjoy renewing old friendships.

My wife, Twila, and I moved to Westminster Village five years ago, November. After some checking around, we thought Westminster seemed to offer many things, like church services and other amenities, such as the bank, beauty shop, etc., that we were used to when we lived at home.

We moved to Westminster Village three years ago because we wanted to participate fully in the life here while we were able.  We wanted a community that would meet our needs now and in the future.  When we made the decision, we did a cost analysis and found Westminster to be surprisingly affordable.  During COVID restrictions, the staff have made heroic efforts to keep us safe and healthy.  We are grateful to be here and doubly grateful we came when we could enjoy all the amenities.

We have all the amenities and comforts of our large home, without the upkeep and lawn maintenance.  Living at Westminster is so easy – everything you could want or need is available.  Our children all have peace of mind and don’t worry about us because they know we are cared for.  We feel so blessed and privileged to have found our “special senior home” at Westminster Village.

I know that someday I will need for my care to be up graded and it is all here for me at Westminster.  I would tell anyone looking for a wonderful place to live, look no further, you have found it her because the people living at Westminster, and those working here, are the kindest and best!

The move to Westminster was a huge decision but I am so happy to be here with such a friendly, professional, and dedicated staff.  The residents are my new friends and their friendships are immeasurable to me.  Westminster takes care of my needs as I am an aging resident.

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