Q: How much is the deposit I have to pay to move in?

A: After you have completed your evaluation and selected your apartment you will receive a monthly bill the first of the month after you move in. Monthly rates are prorated to the day of the month your move in. There are no other deposits or move-in fees.

Q: Can I bring my car?

A: Yes. Many residents still drive. However, you may find the convenience of our Village bus will fill your needs as well. Although there is no charge to park in any of our easily accessible parking areas, carports are available for a lease fee of $30/month.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: We love animals at Westminster, and are happy to see them accompany your visitors. However, dogs and cats are not permitted to live in an apartment. Small caged birds or fish are usually permitted but are subject to administrative approval.

Q:  Can I still cook?

A:  Yes.  We have full kitchen apartments with a full size fridge and stove that give residents the option to take one meal a day in the dining room and can cook in their apartment the other meals if they choose.

Q:  Can my family visit overnight in my apartment?

A:  Yes.  Visitors are welcome to spend the night with you and may stay up to 14 days with you.

Q:  Can family members eat with me in the dining rooms?

A:  Yes. We can either add their meal(s) to your bill or they can purchase Meal Coupons at the Front Desk.

Q:  If my spouse has to go into the Skilled Care, can I spend time there with him/her?

A:  This is one of the ideal things for couples at Westminster Village. Since all of our levels of care are under one roof, you don’t have to go to another facility or outside to another building. You may spend as much time together as you like. You can also eat your meal(s) with them in the Victoria Dining Room.

Q:  Do you take Medicaid?

A:  Westminster Village is not in network with Medicaid.