At Westminster Village Muncie, we know that unplanned emergencies can occur. We have preplanned preparedness measurers developed to ensure our resident’s needs and care are still being met.

Here are some of the preparations we have in place:

  1. Detailed emergency action plan
  2. Yearly hazard vulnerability assessment
  3. Emergency mass notification alert system for residents, families and employees
  4. Ongoing drills and staff training addressing emergency situations
  5. Regular preparedness team meetings
  6. Four large generators to ensure elevator, cooking and vital services.
  7. Emergency stock of food, water and supplies on-site to remain self-sufficient
  8. National Weather Service Radio monitored 24/7 at the Front Desk
  9. Public address system throughout the building with intercoms in every apartment
  10. Security cameras at all entry/exit doors and other select areas of the building and grounds.
  11. Member of Indiana District 6 Health Care Coalition for training and support in the event of a disaster or large scale emergency
  12. NIMS Certifications held by several members of the preparedness team
  13. Mutual Aid agreements with other facilities and evacuation site
  14. Closed POD (Point of Dispensing) site with the Delaware County Health Department in the event of a mass medication dispensing
  15. Chaplain on staff to assist with after event counseling

The Building and grounds are monitored 24 hours a day. Accommodations are available for staff to remain on-site and provide the continuation of services in the event of an emergency.

“We feel safer living at Westminster Village than living in our home now that we are past 65 years. We no longer have stairs to climb, yards to care for, snow to remove and roofs and gutters to worry about. Westminster staff make sure that we are safe and comfortable no matter the weather.

The Westminster staff take safety very seriously.  There is a readiness plan prepared and rehearsed for every imaginable emergency. We are notified of weather problems through the intercom in each room and are aware of the fire drills held for staff preparation.

Health is also an important part of the Westminster Village safety program. Nursing staff respond immediately when there is a resident health problem, such as a fall. Each apartment has a call button to ask for help.

On behalf of all residents, I want to express our gratitude for the efforts Westminster Village staff make to create a safe and enjoyable home for all of us.”

Pat Bennett, President
Westminster Village Residents’ Association

For more information on Safety and Emergency Preparation, please contact:
Mike Dobbs
Physical Plant Director