At Westminster Village Muncie, we make the safety and comfort of our residents our number one priority. With nearly 250 residents and more than 260 staff members, we must always be prepared to address any emergency situation.

Here are some of the preparations we have in place:

  1. A detailed emergency action plan for any scenario
  2. Preparedness team meets regularly
  3. Ongoing staff training addressing all types of emergencies
  4. Three large generators to ensure elevator, cooking and vital services
  5. Emergency stock of food, water and supplies on-site to remain self-sufficient for several weeks
  6. National Weather Service at the Front Desk
  7. Public address system throughout the building
  8. Intercoms in every apartment

The Building and grounds are under the watch of staff security guards 24 hours a day. Accommodations are available for staff to remain on-site and provide the continuation of services in the event of an emergency.

“On behalf of our residents, it is my pleasure to express our gratitude for the marvelous job done by our staff during our recent snow storm. All of us have marveled that life went on so seamlessly here despite all the adverse circumstances. What seemed so smooth to us didn’t happen by accident — careful planning and intense effort behind the scenes had to take place to bring this all about.

We want to compliment each and every member of the staff for their contributions. We are all aware that people worked long hours in dificult conditions and many left families behind to make our lives more comfortable. The staff worked together beautifully.

We are truly grateful for the efforts of everyone who was involved. Please share our appreciation to all our wonderful employees. As always, “Westminster did it with class!””

Dolores Frischkorn, Past President
Westminster Village Residents’ Association

Mike Dobbs

Mike Dobbs

For more information on Safety and Emergency Preparation, please contact:
Mike Dobbs
Physical Plant Director