Fact Vs. Myth: I will lose control of the daily activities of my life.

Myth: “I will lose control of the daily activities of my life.”

Fact: Moving anywhere new is a big transition, especially if you are coming from a place where you had an established routine and set of friends. Letting go of long-held habits can be difficult and may require a major adjustment. However, at Westminster Village, we provide ample opportunities for you to meet new people and form new bonds. Even though it may take time, our compassionate staff is available to help in any way we can. We believe living in a CCRC will give you an added sense of security, as you are surrounded by those committed to your care. At the same time, we want to ensure you have the independence and privacy you deserve.

Fact Vs. Myth: “It’s going to be depressing.”

Myth: “It’s going to be depressing.”

Fact: This is the number-one fear that most people have about independent or adult living, experts say. Some people have bad memories of dark, disinfectant-smelling nursing homes; others remember cramped quarters in overcrowded apartment towers. Happily, none of these fits the description of the modern independent living community, which is just as likely to resemble a tightly known small town or a high-end spa resort. And the cure for the misconception is easy, simply visit a few independent living communities near you. Talk to residents, spend an evening in a group activity, such as a lecture, concert, or a dance, and schedule a tour of the communities. On a warm afternoon, come walk the grounds and enjoy The “Mike  Dobbs  Nature Trail.” Relax in the gazebo as you watch the swans gliding around the pond. This is all it takes, experts say, to put this myth to rest.

Fact vs Myth: It isn’t any different from staying in my house.

Myth: It isn’t any different from staying in my house.”

Fact: The many on-site services, amenities and conveniences you gain at a senior living community make life easier. For example, the amenities at Westminster Village include a bank, beauty salon, Village Shoppe, library, various dining options, transportation, on-site nurses, scheduled events, dances, and more. Also, you gain more time to enjoy the things you love to do when you move to a maintenance-free apartment in a senior living community. Downsizing to an independent apartment can relieve you of the stress and burden that comes with maintaining a home, especially a home where you don’t use the majority of the space anymore.

Fact Vs. Myth: It would be easy to get any care I might need at home.

Myth: “It would be easy to get any care I might need at home.”

Fact: Care at home can be difficult and costly, while continuing care retirement communities offer seamless solution for most care needs that may arise in later life.

Fact Vs. Myth: I will lose my independence

Myth: “I will lose my independence.”

Fact: Many older adults won’t even consider living in a CCRC because they believe these communities will rob them of their independence. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Communities like Westminster Village are designed to give you more variety and diversity in what you’re able to do or accomplish. From fitness classes, educational programs, wonderful events and social opportunities, you will be doing things you never thought possible. Also, your apartment is your own. Although it is

part of the Westminster Village community, you can make your accommodations reflect your individual personality. Apartments include a kitchen or kitchenette, living areas and bedrooms. We will take care of the mowing and snow shoveling, so you can spend your time doing things you actually enjoy.

Fact vs Myth: I’m not ready yet

Myth: “I’m not ready yet – I’m not moving until I have to!”

Fact: Waiting too long can be a mistake. So many times we hear our residents say they wish they had made the move to Westminster Village sooner. If you wait too long it may get to the point that the decision is made for you and then you are placed somewhere that possibly wouldn’t have been your first or even the best choice. Don’t wait too long! Your future is YOUR choice. You want to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community while you can enjoy all of the benefits that it has to offer, and knowing that your future needs will also be met. So, what are you waiting for?

Fact vs Myth: People at CCRCs just sit around in rocking chairs and play bingo

Myth: “People at CCRCs just sit around in rocking chairs and play bingo.”

Fact: On the contrary, there is a broad spectrum of interesting things to do. Many of WV our residents say they are busier than before they retired, but now they are doing what they enjoy, and often are pursuing interests that they always wanted to try but never had the chance. When choosing a retirement community, it is important to think ahead. Are there engaging retirement living activities available if your health declines? At Westminster Village, our continuum of care offers you exactly that. Cozy up in our common areas to leisurely enjoy a book or to savor conversation with friends. Or pack your calendar with offerings such as card games, fitness classes, Bible studies, guest speakers, evening music programs and more. Our residents don’t have enough time in their days to participate in all the activities offered here! (But if you want to sit and rock for a while – that’s fine too!)

Fact vs Myth: CCRCs are just social Clubs for retirees

Myth: “CCRCs are just social Clubs for retirees.”

Fact: Along with many fun things to do and be involved in, including volunteering and helping others, there are opportunities for learning, enrichment and service. New friends and neighbors (and staff) become like an extended family. The social aspect is one of the most important benefits of living at a CCRC. Instead of living alone in your home, in a neighborhood where your friends have moved or passed away, you can live in a beautiful community, such as Westminster Village, where you have access to not only health care and the security of never being along, but also having access to friends and social, cultural and spiritual activities right outside your door.

Fact vs Myth: My family can take care of me if my health changes

Myth: “I don’t want to leave my family – and they can take care of me if my health changes.”

Fact: Some of our residents say the exact opposite – they tell us that they made the choice to move to a CCRC, like Westminster Village, so that their family does not have to worry about them as their health needs change. While children (and their parents) may have good intentions, adult children often have work and family obligations in addition to the added aspect of having parents living in their home. As parents age, their needs cannot always be met by their family – no matter how loving or well-intentioned. For many older parents, they actually feel isolated when they live with their children, because their network of friends may not be close by. Many of our residents have made the decision to move to Westminster because they wanted to take the burden off of their children by choosing a retirement community that includes access to good health care so that their future health care needs are always met.

Fact vs Myth: A Continuing Care Retirement Community is not a nursing home

Myth“A CCRC is the same as a Nursing Home.”

Fact: No, a Continuing Care Retirement Community is not a nursing home, but a nursing home is an important part of the benefits of living at in a CCRC. Westminster Village offers residential living in apartments, Assisted Living, Rehab-to-Home, AND Skilled nursing care in our Health Center, all on 65 beautifully landscaped acres. Westminster has consistently high-quality ratings that reflect our commitment to providing the best care for our residents, whether it is for a short-term rehab, long-term skilled care, or follow-up after a hospital stay. One of the biggest benefits of retirement living at a CCRC, such as Westminster, is that if one of our residents ever needs long-term care in our Health Center, they are assured of a bed by virtue of being a resident of our community. Individuals who wish to receive the quality care provided by Westminster and who are not residents of our CCRC may find that there are no openings at our skilled nursing center and they may need to look elsewhere for skilled care, which can be very stressful during times of a health care crisis.