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We moved to Westminster Village on June 6th, 2018 and it has been a very positive experience. Free movies and popcorn on Friday – what more could you ask for?! We have made many new friends and renewed old friendships. You can choose to keep to yourself, or participate in many activities. Transportation is available for Ball State activities, community events, and shopping. Our daughter and son both live in California and are greatly relieved to know we are “Safe and Warm.” We feel like this is the place for us to be at this time. – Dick McKee was a Ball State faculty member and Administrator for thirty seven years. He served as Executive Assistant to six Ball State Presidents. Joan McKee was Executive Director of the Muncie Symphony Orchestra for sixteen years. Dick and Joan appreciate the continued partnership Westminster has with the MSO and Ball State.

When my wife Pat, and I designed and oversaw the construction of our house in 1970, we knew, because of its size and 4 floor levels, that at some point it would not be safe or easy for us to stay there. Then, 46 years later, in 2016, because of its size, and the cost of utilities, maintenance, and care, we decided that it was time for us to begin the process of moving. Moving to where it would be safe for both of us, all maintenance and care would be provided, and a place where progressive medical care was available, within minutes. We also wanted a place where we could continue to enjoy independent living, more freedom, and access to all the locations and events we had been attending for decades.

We contacted Westminster Village to be placed on their waiting list for the apartment size that we wanted and soon, we were notified that an apartment would be available. That began our plans to get ready to leave our home. So that our children did not have to clean it out and sell our home as we had to do for both of our mothers, we contacted Sherry Brown, who owns “Organize This” and who works with Westminster, to help us get rid of items we did not need and our children did not want.

Yes, there are several other locations in Muncie that we could have moved to, but, in our opinion, none of them have the experience, the resources, the location, the safety, the events we can attend, or the friendliness of Westminster Village. Every night, when we go to dinner, we can sit with both old and new friends, where we exchange stories from our past lives, from today, and find as much as possible to share that, in many cases, causes everyone to laugh. Another thing we enjoy at Westminster is to help others, living or working here, if we can, and to, without getting ourselves into trouble, make them laugh!

Ben Bennett, and his wife Pat, were both born in Ohio. After graduating from high school, they both decided to attend the University of Cincinnati where they met. Ben graduated in 1958 with a BS in Industrial Management. Pat graduated in 1960 with a BS in Nursing. They were married in December of 1958. Ben went on to work on a Masters in Journalism. Pat went on to earn a MS in Nursing and later a PHD in Nursing. Ben worked at Maxon Corporation here in Muncie for 34 years and Pat at Anderson University School of Nursing for almost 30 years.

My first momentous moment occurred when I told my friend that I was moving into the apartment near her. She exclaimed, “Wonderful, now you can eat with the third floor girls!” My favorite performances are any of the ones from Ball State. I would tell people that life here is very different from your own home, so be sure to check everything out. I love Westminster because of the setting, the beautiful grounds and the companionships. I have lived at Westminster for two years and it is important to me as a safe haven.” – Barbara Cossaart was born in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to Frankfort, Indiana, after her father passed away. She attended Butler University, earning a degree in Kindergarten/Elementary Education. She taught in the Indianapolis City Schools and was an assistant in the first Montessori School in Muncie. She has four children and for many years her family lived on Bethel, across the street from a woods filled with daffodils. She loves biking and took five trips to Europe with her bike. She also enjoys flower gardening.

I feel very blessed to be a resident of Westminster Village. Anyone choosing to come to Westminster Village has so many opportunities. I think, kind and caring employees, with “respect” for you, rates first. Opportunities for almost anything you would desire; such as friends, alone time, games, movies, entertainment, Bible studies, Vespers, Lunch Bunch outings, shopping trips, exercise, crafts, and the list goes on. Your loved ones know you are being cared for and happy. I love Westminster Village because I feel loved and secure here, yet I can be independent. I have opportunities to do things here that I would not have if I lived alone. The friends I have met here and the staff are like my family. The staff are all very kind and caring and go the extra mile for our comfort and happiness. – Norma Rozelle has lived in Muncie all of her life. After graduating from Royerton High School, she worked at Old National Bank for 10 years and met her husband, Zack, there. They adopted their son and twin daughters, then she gave birth to another daughter. Zack and Norma enjoyed traveling the U.S after Zack’s retirement. They were blessed with 54 years of marriage and a wonderful family.

I love Westminster because I feel like I belong and have something to contribute. Westminster Village gives me security, protection, and people who look out for me.

We love living here with so many friends and colleagues we’ve known through our church and Ball State and we’ve met so many new friends.  After taken care of our parents’ homes in other cities and states, we didn’t want to put that burden on our girls since they all live away from Muncie. Westminster Village was the perfect solution for us.

My own experience by visiting others for many years and actually living here has convinced me that we made the right decision to make Westminster our home!

My wife, Twila, and I moved to Westminster Village five years ago, November. After some checking around, we thought Westminster seemed to offer many things, like church services and other amenities, such as the bank, beauty shop, etc., that we were used to when we lived at home. Westminster has room for family gatherings and many wonderful programs in Legacy Commons. There is a Bible Study each week and Sunday services. Each of us are going to eventually need these services and it seems that Westminster has them all, plus many not mentioned here. – Max Rawlings and his wife, Twila, owned a manufacturing company with a metal stamping press, many small presses and a large press with a 10 ft. hydraulic bed. Before they sold their business to a company from Flint, Michigan, they had 60 employees. The Rawlings had a home in Lake Wales, Florida, where they wintered for 24 years, and another in Modoc, Indiana.

During the years 2016 through 2019, my husband and I had experienced serious health issues. It became apparent to us that we needed to downsize into something smaller. After talking with several friends, we decided that Westminster would be a good choice. After living at Westminster for a year and a half, I knew that the move here was the best choice I could have made. Here, I have the freedom to do what I want without the worry of a house and yard. I have been able to make many new friends and renew several old ones. I can participate in exercise classes or use the fitness center. Walking on the nature trail is another favorite activity. If I don’t want to walk, I can sit in the gazebo, watching the swans and other birds that visit our pond. I can join in the many activities the staff provide for us. Tables on each floor have puzzles to put together and often there are card games going on. On days when I want to be in my apartment and either working on a project or reading, I don’t have to feel guilty that I’m not cleaning house or gardening.

My husband, John, and I moved into Westminster Village about one and a half years ago. I wish we had made the move sooner because by the time we moved here, John’s mobility had deteriorated to the point, he needed to be in the Skilled Nursing Level instead of living in the apartment with me. Living under the same roof though, we were still able to spend the days visiting and eating our meals together. We looked at one other facility in Muncie but just didn’t like it as well as Westminster.

Because of our age and health issues, a decision was made to downsize and simplify our life. Marilyn’s mother lived at Westminster for twenty-two years and had very positive experience. She passed away just three months shy of her 100th birthday. Being familiar with life at Westminster, we naturally considered it a strong possibility. Our children agreed.

My husband, Bill, and I had several friends that lived at Westminster Village and they would invite us to have dinner with them, encouraging us to move in. Our sons wanted us to find a home that had no stairs and our physician told us that Westminster was the best community in the area. The seed that had been planted finally took root and we moved in almost two years ago. One of the reasons we chose Westminster was the wonderful programs and events. I participate in everything that I can. The Housekeeping gals are outstanding and they do a miraculous job cleaning my apartment. The Maintenance crew has always responded quickly when any problems have arisen. I think living at Westminster is great. I don’t have to cook or clean anymore.

Excellent Care Received at CooperVista Rehab-To-Home!
“I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care I received during my recent stay at CooperVista Rehab.  Your facility is absolutely beautiful.  My room was so large and well appointed that it felt like an upscale vacation resort and the food was excellent.  From the time I checked in I was made to feel at home by the entire staff.  Having the expertise of well trained therapists right in the building come to my room and take me to rehab twice daily enabled me to learn to walk on my new knee quickly–in less than a month!  I would recommend CooperVista Rehab to anyone.”  – Pat Pryor

“I feel safe. It is so wonderful to be inside looking out. My daughter said, “I like you being there. It makes me feel safe that you are there.” – Grace Soule

“Everything has been great. You did a wonderful job. The food was good, I didn’t get cold and I didn’t have anything to worry about. I appreciate Maintenance and Security for keeping the parking lot clear. This is better than being at home. I’m glad I moved here.” – Donald Shroyer

“I am happy to be here at Westminster Village. We moved here because my husband needed nursing home care and we wanted to be under the same roof. Now we are in the apartment together and sharing the time together. During the storm we were glad to be warm and having good food to eat (no dishes to do). We have met many new friends. We appreciate the staff who have gone the extra mile to keep us safe and secure.” – Mary Faust