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“Excellent Care Received at CooperVista Rehab-To-Home!”
“I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care I received during my recent stay at CooperVista Rehab.  Your facility is absolutely beautiful.  My room was so large and well appointed that it felt like an upscale vacation resort and the food was excellent.  From the time I checked in I was made to feel at home by the entire staff.  Having the expertise of well trained therapists right in the building come to my room and take me to rehab twice daily enabled me to learn to walk on my new knee quickly–in less than a month!  I would recommend CooperVista Rehab to anyone.”  – Pat Pryor

Weathering the Snowstorm at Westminster Village!
“I am so grateful to be in a comfortable warm and caring facility during this weather alert. I appreciate the workers and administrators that have shown special attention by working extra hours and staying overnight. Dining services have been managed in a very efficient manner and food is very good as usual. Walks and parking lots have been maintained in the best possible way. Thanks Westminster, I’m glad this is my home.” – Mary Bess Lunsford

“During this time when we must not go out, we are so glad that we are here. It is fun to get together to eat together and play games. We are happy that we don’t have to get out and shovel or clean off the cars to go somewhere. Everything we need is here. This is home!” – Judy Lewellen

“I love it here. The staff is remarkable. Everything seems to come together flawlessly. Even the pencils in the dining room are rarely dull. My apartment in on the second floor. When I walk in the door there’s my tree outside the window. It’s snow covered today. Soon it will be a mass of white blossoms. Then there’s the pond and the swans. What more could a ninety-six year-old woman want? As I said, I love it here.” – Katie Robb

“So many conveniences are offered. A house is a house when you’re alone in it – Westminster becomes your home. A+ for the personnel. My family doesn’t need to worry about me now that I am living at Westminster Village.” – Betty Kendall

“I love Westminster because I feel like I belong and have something to contribute. Westminster Village gives me security, protection, and people who look out for me.” – Sandy Mixell

“If it would not be for Westminster, I wouldn’t be retired. I didn’t think of retiring until I visited for an open house. I knew if I came here I would not have a lot of upkeep to do. To me, being here is like being at camp when I was a kid or like being on a cruise. It’s better than camp because I have my own apartment where I can go to be by myself but I love being with people. It is having the best of both worlds. I am fulfilling my Mom’s dream for herself.”  – Danny Taylor

“We love living here with so many friends and colleagues we’ve known through our church and Ball State and we’ve met so many new friends.  After taken care of our parents’ homes in other cities and states, we didn’t want to put that burden on our girls since they all live away from Muncie. Westminster Village was the perfect solution for us.” – Norm and Joyce Beck

“I feel safe. It is so wonderful to be inside looking out. My daughter said, “I like you being there. It makes me feel safe that you are there.” – Grace Soule

“Westminster Village is an amazing place that gives me what I need – no snow to shovel, no leaves to clean, no grass to mow. All of the employees are kind and friendly.” – Bud Birt

“Everything has been great. You did a wonderful job. The food was good, I didn’t get cold and I didn’t have anything to worry about. I appreciate Maintenance and Security for keeping the parking lot clear. This is better than being at home. I’m glad I moved here.” – Donald Shroyer

“I am happy to be here at Westminster Village. We moved here because my husband needed nursing home care and we wanted to be under the same roof. Now we are in the apartment together and sharing the time together. During the storm we were glad to be warm and having good food to eat (no dishes to do). We have met many new friends. We appreciate the staff who have gone the extra mile to keep us safe and secure.” – Mary Faust

“We’ve got heat, lights and good warm food and I haven’t shoveled any snow. This is why I am here at Westminster Village.” – Oren Birt

“I truly love living here. I feel safe & comfortable and I enjoy meeting many friends, both new and old. I also feel independent, as much as if I were in my own home. The staff is remarkable, full of love and concern for me.  I am glad that I made the decision to move to Westminster Village.” – Emma Lee Slagle

“I feel very blessed to be a resident of Westminster Village. I have been a widow for 6 years and a resident here for almost 3 years. Westminster gives me a feeling of security, yet I can be independent. The staff are all very kind and caring and go the extra mile for our comfort and happiness. The friends I have met here and the staff are like my family. Also, my own family are comforted to know I am so happy.” – Norma Rozelle

“I am so blessed to be here. It is a great big blessing! The staff is great and so polite. I am especially grateful that we are free to have Bible Studies.” – Relda Pearson

“I enjoy working out in the Wellness Center on a daily basis and I attend as many of the activities as I can. The food is delicious, the best I’ve had in 15 years since my wife passed. I enjoy renewing old friendships.” – Don Bell

“My own experience by visiting others for many years and actually living here has convinced me that we made the right decision to make Westminster our home!” – Dick McKee

“Years ago while my husband was a Resident in the Health Center, I used to visit the Residents in Independent Living in the Village. I loved it so much that I sold my big home and moved to Westminster Village, my new huge home.

Westminster Village is the happiest place on Earth! It is the only place to be for retirement. We have weekly card games, good evening entertainment, Bible Study, etc. and great food in the beautiful dining room. It is carefree living with no worries!”

– Della Stafford Happiest Place on Earth!