Cheryl Imes, RN, Director of Nursing Retires After 29 Years of Service!

cheryl imes

 Cheryl Imes, RN

Director of Nursing 

Over 29 Years of Service – Retired effective 8-10-2016

When you think of Nursing as a life-long career, you realize that a caring heart must be a vital part of the qualities necessary to be good at what you do. You understand that there will be much expected of you.  In the world of long-term care, you must commit to dauntless hours of service, make life altering decisions without hesitation, know regulations that surpass any other industry in the United States and yet keep the resident as the primary focus.  Each day presents huge demands and constant multi-tasking.  The miracle of continuing in long-term care in today’s world is admired.

Cheryl Imes, RN, Director of Nursing, has been with Westminster Village for over 29 years. She served in several capacities of positions prior to becoming the Director of Nursing.  She had the task of managing 150 nursing personnel.  Her true commitment was evidenced by the longevity she possessed within our community.  Every morning she directed her management team, updated the events of the past evening, and prepared for the tasks that lie ahead for the day.  As the nursing example to such a large staff, she made great efforts to nurture and strengthen her team.

We were very blessed to have such a nurse on staff in our organization for 29 years who understood the challenges and was willing to accept the responsibility and forge ahead to address the needs of the day.

Our community salutes Cheryl Imes for the great effort she had shared with and for Westminster Village.  We are wishing her well in her new chapter on life’s journey.

Please join us on Wednesday, August 31st from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Legacy Commons Event Hall to celebrate.