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COVID-19 Chart: January 15, 2021

January 12, 2021 Dear Residents, Families and Employees: Excitement was in the air at Westminster Village yesterday when 232 residents and staff members received their first vaccination for COVID-19. CVS will return in 28 days (February 8th) to provide the second of the two doses required for the vaccine, as well as to give the […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XXXII

“Our Refuge and Our Strength” One of the charms of The Golden Gate Bridge is that it almost seems fragile. That’s astonishing-especially since it sits along the San Andreas Fault, one of the most active geological features of North America. But engineers are convinced that the bridge is probably one of the safest places to […]

COVID-19 Update: December 28th

December 28, 2020 Dear Residents, Family and Staff: We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and we wish that the upcoming new year will bring everyone health, wealth and happiness! As of noon today we have had one (1) new positive COVID-19 Staff case to report. We had three (3) new positive COVID-19 Residents to […]

COVID 19 Update: November 13, 2020

Dear Residents, Family and Staff: As of noon today, Westminster Village has NO COVID-19 positive Residents—all have recovered!!!  We are thankful and grateful for this blessing and the amazing Staff who provide compassionate care that all Residents are receiving. According to the Indiana State Department of Health guidelines, if the CMS positivity rate for Delaware […]

COVID-19 Update: October 16, 2020

October 16, 2020 Dear Residents, Family and Staff: Westminster Village has been diligent in following all of the CMS and ISDH guidelines regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please know that maintaining the health, wellness and safety of our Residents and Staff is our number one priority. Effective immediately, Westminster Village Muncie will restrict all visitation to […]

Chaplain’s Corner XXV

“Spiritual Hunger” What are the most memorable meals you have ever eaten? Years ago when I was in high school our Pastor took us on a mission trip to rural Maine where we worked in a camp for handicapped children. It was quite an experience for a young man from northern Indiana to see a […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XXIV

“Divine Fraud Detector” A few years ago I got a call from the fraud department that supports my VISA card. “Mr. Naylor, we’d like you to confirm a couple of expenses that were recently charged to your account.” Whenever I hear those words I take a deep breath. I wonder what grabbed their attention. Did […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XXIII

“Champions” On a wintry morning in 1956 a riding instructor named Harry de Leyer drove from his farm in Long Island four hours to Pennsylvania to a horse auction. Every Monday as many as 300 horses were auctioned at this auction. Harry had hoped to purchase a gentle horse that could become a training horse […]