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Chaplain’s Corner: XCVIV

“The Aroma of Christ’s Love”   You never know what you might hear when the best man proposes a toast at a wedding reception.    Everything depends of course, on the relationship between the best man and the groom.  Not to mention whether he’s already had a few drinks too many.  And whether he’s comfortable as a […]

COVID-19 Weekly Chart: April 25, 2022

April 12, 2022 Dear Staff, Residents & Families: We have had seven (7) new positive COVID-19 Resident cases to report and three (3) new positive Staff. Per regulations and guidelines from CDC, CMS and the Indiana Department of Health, we will be completing “outbreak testing”, meaning all Staff and Residents, whether vaccinated or not, will […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XCVIV

“Reliance on God vs Self Reliance” During WWII, America’s Office of Strategic Services – the precursor to the CIA – was assigned the task of devising subversive ways to help defeat Japan.  Some of the OSS’s initiatives could best be described as non- traditional. More than two million dollars were invested in development of the “bat […]

Westminster Village Welcomes New Board Member

Westminster is honored to announce Andrew Dawson to its Board of Directors. Andrew is the Marketing Director at Muncie Power Products. Andrew’s knowledge of marketing and his volunteer background with experience in many different community organizations and boards will contribute greatly to our organization’s mission.

Chaplain’s Corner: XCVII

“Easter: Your Story Isn’t Over Either” It’s possible that the two most poignant words in the Bible appear in Mark’s account of the resurrection. Early on Sunday morning, a group of women have come to prepare to put spices on Jesus’ body. In a Jewish tradition, it’s the thing to do. Jesus was buried so […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XCVI

“It is Finished” Those are words that a driven, task-obsessed person can never imagine saying. “It is finished” would mean there would be nothing left to check off the list of things to do. No more sweaters to arrange according to color and style. Every conceivable thank-you note written. Nothing left to haul off to […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XCV

“Facing Your Nineveh” So how did the Prophet Jonah end up on a Mediterranean beach smelling like a tin of sardines?  It all began with a call from God that, in Jonah’s mind, was definitely not his dream job.   “Up on your feet and on your way to Nineveh!  Preach to them.  They are […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XCIV

“666” Numbers are a big deal in the Bible.  Over the centuries, scholars have paid considerable attention to numbers like 3 (which seems to signify growth), 4 (often a shorthand for creation, as in four corners of the earth), 7 (which traditionally denotes completeness), 10 (perfection), 12 (the number connected with God’s Chosen people, 12 […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XCIII

“Do Your Best” Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is deservedly regarded as one of the great musical composers of all time.  During his own lifetime, however, Bach was largely ignored.  He did not have a university degree.  He had a reputation for being difficult to work with.  He became the musical director of four principal Lutheran […]

Chaplain’s Corner: XCII

“The Presence of God in Our Lives” Many people feel a twinge of disappointment the first time they see The Wizard of Oz. The heroes have journeyed through one obstacle after another in search of some of life’s best gifts. If only I had a brain. If only I had a heart. If I only […]