Fact vs Myth: People at CCRCs just sit around in rocking chairs and play bingo

Myth: “People at CCRCs just sit around in rocking chairs and play bingo.”

Fact: On the contrary, there is a broad spectrum of interesting things to do. Many of WV our residents say they are busier than before they retired, but now they are doing what they enjoy, and often are pursuing interests that they always wanted to try but never had the chance. When choosing a retirement community, it is important to think ahead. Are there engaging retirement living activities available if your health declines? At Westminster Village, our continuum of care offers you exactly that. Cozy up in our common areas to leisurely enjoy a book or to savor conversation with friends. Or pack your calendar with offerings such as card games, fitness classes, Bible studies, guest speakers, evening music programs and more. Our residents don’t have enough time in their days to participate in all the activities offered here! (But if you want to sit and rock for a while – that’s fine too!)