Fact Vs. Myth: “It’s going to be depressing.”

Myth: “It’s going to be depressing.”

Fact: This is the number-one fear that most people have about independent or adult living, experts say. Some people have bad memories of dark, disinfectant-smelling nursing homes; others remember cramped quarters in overcrowded apartment towers. Happily, none of these fits the description of the modern independent living community, which is just as likely to resemble a tightly known small town or a high-end spa resort. And the cure for the misconception is easy, simply visit a few independent living communities near you. Talk to residents, spend an evening in a group activity, such as a lecture, concert, or a dance, and schedule a tour of the communities. On a warm afternoon, come walk the grounds and enjoy The “Mike  Dobbs  Nature Trail.” Relax in the gazebo as you watch the swans gliding around the pond. This is all it takes, experts say, to put this myth to rest.