Chaplain’s Corner: XLVIV

“Living in the Daily Presence of God”

How often does the average person touch his or her cell phone?  The answer seems to be more than you can possibly imagine.  According to the research firm Dscout, typical owners touch their phones 2,617 times a day.  And we’re not talking about extreme users.  The most serious addicts, who responded to the survey study, touch, tap or swipe their phones more than 5,400 times every 24 hours!

That presents a conundrum.  The smart phone has long been marketed as a time-saving, relationship-enhancing, life-enriching marvel.  But it may be just another distraction that prevents us from the things that really matter.

Our culture isn’t suffering so much from busyness.  Busyness is normal but hurry is a frantic state of mind, a sickness, a suspicion that our lives are slipping away from us and so we immerse ourselves in activities that numb us from facing life before us.

If only we had 10 more hours a day.  Then we could become our best.  But we already have time to do amazing things.  Now it’s just a question of how we utilize those hours.  Even here at Westminster Village we can become remarkable mentors and friends to other residents.  You can become an inspired student of scripture.  Or will you settle for the next TV series?

Many would-be disciples of Jesus feel frustrated because they feel Jesus just needs to be squeezed into a crowded place in their lives and wonder why spiritual growth seems fleeting.

Let’s face it:  There is a real possibility that our lives are so crowded that we are unable to follow him at all.  What can we do?


Ron Naylor, Chaplain